Sunday, January 8, 2012

Little Black Dress

J.Crew Kendall Dress in Silk Satin

It's all about the little black dress from JCrew!  To spice up the timeless look, pair it with nude pumps.   Need accessories?  Wear a rose gold watch or a cocktail ring, make sure you keep it SIMPLE!  Happy shopping!

The lovely Victoria Beckham
black dress (check)
nude pumps (check)
rose gold watch (check)
looking gorgeous (check)

WARNING:  JCrew's sizes are not true to size.  The dress I had on was the Petite 0,  when I first put it on, it was overwhelmingly large!  I thought maybe JCrew forgot to add a "1" in front of the 0.   

All the dresses are like this, so be prepared for an additional cost of getting it tailored.  Which getting it tailored was the best decision thus far. The dress looked like it was made for me, so don't get discouraged if it hangs loose on you initially. 

Where to find this dress:  
  •  and it's on sale!!! Retail $250   Now $99!!!!!  
Where to find nude pumps:
  •  I love this website because you have choices!  Choose your price point, colors, heel size, brands,.....the list goes on!

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